C 8.03 ultrachannel issue


Cubase 8.03 / win7x64

I have ultrachannel activated. even if it is in an off state, it sends “internal” midi data to Quickcontrols of all other channels in the project.
When the temposync or systempo is activated in the delay section of ultrachannel, all other channels Quickcontrols “learn function” jump to learn ultrachannels delay section.

So, if i have ultrachannel sync active on channel 1 , if i want to use LearnQC function of channel 23, channel 23 jumps to learning the sync data ultrachannel is sending.

Even if i turn it off,:o:p

The only way for it to not send data to every channel is to discard it completely.

(Could it be that we are getting a taste of an upcoming route everything everywhere update? :p) - we are not even at the .1 version of cubase 8 so there is lots of room there;)
Either way, just letting you know of this behaviour…

Thx for the update:)