C 9.0.10, flac->Sampler track- "the file is not supported"

After updating to 9.0.10 when using “create sampler track” feature on a FLAC event within my project, I get the “The file is not supported” message. In 9.0.1 I would get an instant crash, so I guess it’s better now.

However, when I tried to create a sampler track with a FLAC file in 9.0.1 (previous Cubase version) from the Mediabay, Cubase converted a FLAC file to a WAV format on the fly (a new entry was created in the pool) and would create a sampler track. Now this feature is gone and I get the “The file is not supported” message in this case as well.

Best solution would be to have the sampler track to support Flac files, however, on the fly conversion would also be acceptable. The current solution is anything but convenient, as it requires having a flac file in the pool and converting it to a wav format, before creating a sampler track.

I guess the error message kicks in too easily. As a lover of FLAC I would also like to see this changed back.