C 9.5.20 - MIDI Track: MIDI Inserts Inconsistent GUI Behavior

  1. Create new ‘Empty’ project
  2. Add a MIDI track
  3. Ensure the MIDI Inserts inspector pane is visible in the project’s Left Zone inspectors
  4. On that MIDI track, add a Transformer in the MIDI Inserts section
  5. Disable that MIDI track (right click, select ‘Disable Track’)
  6. Notice the Transformer insert slot has greyed out and you are not able to bypass or edit the Transformer through the inspector (also worth noting that, oddly, you can swap the Transformer out for a different plugin or remove it by selecting ‘No Effect’)
  7. Save the project, close it, and reopen the project
  8. The MIDI track is still disabled, but the MIDI Inserts inspector now shows the Bypass button and Edit button as if the track were enabled.

Cubase 9.5.20
macOS 10.13.4