C 9.5 - CC data being sent from a muted track on stop

I have just updated to Cubase 9.5 and have come across a problem with CC data being sent from muted tracks when I click stop.
I have checked the preferences to see that Reset on Stop is disabled, and it is.
This is what is happening in a little more detail.
I have recorded a midi part from my Moog Subsequent 37 and recorded filter moves at the same time.
I have then recorded this as audio, muted the MIDI part and gone on to record some other MIDI parts and then recorded as Audio etc.
The problem became apparent when I decided I’d like to record another part using the Moog.
Everytime I stop Cubase, it is transmitting a part of the filter moves I recorded first time around on the Moog, even though that MIDI track is muted :confused: . This means the sound I’m trying to record keeps having its filter value changed and I have to keep manually resetting it :angry:
This never happened in Cubase 9.0

Hi and welcome,

I just tested this and I get a slightly different result.

When I stop, Cubase sends the last value of all MIDI CCs and then also the “Reset” values: 0.

If you disable Chase Events in the Preferences > MIDI > Controller, then Cubase doesn’t send this data.

Same result in Cubase 9.0 and Cubase 9.5 on my system.

Because of other issues on top of this one, I’ve gone back to 9.03 for now and I’ve just checked those settings you mentioned.
On mine, chase events is enabled and I don’t get this issue from muted tracks.
When you tested, was the track sending the last CC muted?
Thank you for your reply.

The track was sending series of CCs, like this (when I was using MIDI CCs 1 and 2 in the track):
CC number | CC value
1 | last value
2 | last value
1 | 0
2 | 0