C 9.5: new panner issue

When I open an existing 9.0 project in 9.5, the panners of some channels do not work correctly. The affected channels signals output only appear on Left or Right of the target bus. When I move the panner, the behavior is erratic, sometimes leading to complete mute of the channel.

Needless to say, in 9.0 the same projects do work flawlessly.

Anybody having the same issue?

Regards, Mikael


What is specific on these tracks, Is it one kind of tracks (Instrument or Audio)? Is it Mono/Stereo/5.1/Dolby track?

Could you share some example project, please?

I found out some details. It seems to be connected with track sends.

I have 2 reference C9.0 projects which I use daily. One of them is affected, one is not.

In the affected project, affected are 9 of the 44 tracks: audio tracks, group tracks etc, but not all audio tracks and not all group tracks. I am unable to find a common denominator here. Also, some affected tracks have standard panner, whereas others have combined panner.

I placed a testgenerator into the affected tracks so I can easily see the actual panning in the meters . Now here is the interesting part:

  1. I open the 9.0 project in C9.5, lets call it version1. The panner positions are displayed as they were saved in 9.0. However, the affected channels behave as if their panner is set hard left.
  2. Still in 9.5 I do a “save as” of the 9.0 project under a new name, lets call it version2, and I close the project
  3. Now I open version2 with C9.5. Now the panners of the affected tracks all show the hard-left pan! Now I set the panners of the affected channels to center position, and the audio shows it actually works center panned. I save the project as version3.
  4. Now I open version3 again with C9.5. The panners of the affected channels show the center setting as set in the previous step, but the audio again behaves “hard panned left”.

No matter what I do at this point, the actual panning behavior of the affected channels always resets to “hard left” after the project is opened in C9.5.

Please find attached the project file “Panning Issue with 9.5.cpr”. It shows the project in the state of “version2”. If I open this project file in C9.5, all affected tracks show a hard-left panner. Affected are all tracks with a testgenerator in them.

Now I removed all sends from all channels. Now the behavior is different. If, with all sends removed, I place the panners of all affected channels to center position and save the project, the panner positions are correctly persisted, and when I close and open the project again, it works as expected.

Please also find attached the project file “Panning Issue with 9.5 after sends removed.cpr”. It shows the state of the project after all sends have been removed, but before centering the affected tracks.
Panning Issue with 9.5.zip (355 KB)
Best regards, Mikael

I opened your project.

It’s related to the automation. If you Deactivate All Read Automation, and move the Panner, then it works as expected.

I wonder if this might be related to the automation enhancements in 9.5. I had an unexpected change in automation on one 9.0 project I opened in 9.5.

The issue is in fact related to automation, thank you for pointing me to this.

It seems to be related to Virgin Territories being broken in C9.5. The project in question has Virgin Territories enabled. There are several threads describing the problem with Virgin Territories and C9.5 in detail. When I disable Virgin Territories, then it works as expected.

So the issue still remains.

Regards, Mikael