C_brains for Cubase by MIDI Kinetics

Anyone happen to get this running on Android? The site clearly stated this was untested on Android, but I bought it anyway.

So I got the Lemur app up and running on both ends (Win 7 64 and Android 4.4.2), but where I’m stuck on the C_brains installation is when it says in the manual “Open the C_brains Lemur project on your Mac/PC Lemur Editor and upload it to your tablet”. Can’t make this happen successfully.

Gotta say that my experience in dealing with these MIDI/OSC type apps is average at best. I’m gonna shoot an email to the developer about any possible solutions, but want to check here first for any ideas.

All is well now (with the dev’s help)… problem solved.

Chalk this one up to user error. I’m a Lemur newb :slight_smile:

Just gave it a quick run and this app is working as advertised.

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

I recently switched from Logic to cubase and c_brains is one of the best purchases I have made.