C drive expanding, anyone got reason why not to do it?


I am running low on C Drive on a ATA SanDisk SCSI device on Win 7 64 bit with Cubase 9.5.

D drive has 30GB free and is a partition of the same disk. So my plan should be easy: delete the D partition and add it to C drive. 30GB extra. woohoo.

my question is two fold.

  1. what is the best recommended method for this on a DAW laptop so as not to have problem after
  2. are there any things I might not expect to run into, but may with Cubase 9.5 reacting after I make a disk change of this nature?


I would consider cloning the system drive first so in case there are issues you can at least get back to where you were. I’d also consider just getting a larger system drive, although I understand that not all laptops make that easy.

Other than that I don’t have recommendations. I’ve done it myself but it was so long ago I can’t remember how I did it.

thanks I took a disk image, and then photos of the drive setup before pulling the trigger.

as it turned out it was supremely easy and went like a dream exactly as per this article that stepped me through the process. I was left shocked it was quite so painless since it is so rare that you get an experience of that sort at hardware level with a DAW machine. https://www.msi.com/pic/faq/10011896@2014-0415-1113-507084@faq_0000000000373_en.pdf