I’ve got an ADK PC with a 1TB drive that’s been partitioned into 2 500gb Sections, one of which is housing my O.S. That section is now in the red, saying that I’ve only got 28.6gb of free space left! :astonished: Obviously this is not good and I’ve moved a lot of “lesser important” programs to other drives to free up more space. But I can’t get it back down into a comfortable “breathing room (Blue)” zone. So, here’s my question.

If I do a complete Paragon Backup of EVERYTHING on this drive onto a 1 or 2tb drive, could I then swap the drives and have the larger drive still run like an O.S. drive? Will that work, or am I going to have to rebuild a new O.S. drive from scratch?

All pertinent advice and/or alternative solutions welcomed. Thanks!

It looks like the Paragon backup will suffice as a plug and play new :C drive. I can back up the 500gb section of the current :C drive onto my blank 2TB drive. Since conventional wisdom supports smaller sections for OS because of speed and other management issues, the question now is will I experience any drastic changes in OS functions by moving the OS over to the much larger drive?