C Elements 6 discount for C6 owners?

I’m wondering if Steinberg might consider offering a discount to C6 owners for the upcoming Cubase Elements 6.

Assuming it will be using the soft e-licenser system, this would provide a way for allowing basic recording features on a laptop without risking your dongle. This would be very handy to me as I do a lot of basic live recordings such as gigs, rehearsals, etc. but am very paranoid about losing/damaging my main dongle which is very easy to do.

Even if the plan is to use the dongle system on C Elements 6, I would use it on a separate dongle on its own rather than risk all of my programs stored on my main dongle.

In either case I do feel a discount is appropriate as I do already own the full version, whadya think?


Hello Stephen,

sorry, there will not be a doscount.



(a discount to existing users would sell far more copies)

Will C6 Elements need a dongle or just soft e-licencer?

What about a wincount or osxcount? :laughing: