Every time I start Cubase Pro 8 its creating a logs folder on my C-Drive. It always contains 3 log files. If I delete the folder it will be created again next time I start the program.

Is it happening for you as well? Anyone knowing a way how to avoid it or how to set a specific path for those files.

Thanks in advance.

Yes it is happening for me as well.

All 0kb files (nothing written to them)
There is also those files with the -01 and -02 append to the name all 0kb.

Looks like it might be a debug logging leftover from the design process .
But I’d also rather not have a folder filling up with 0kb logfiles!

Still happens! C’mon Steinberg, this is just sloppy! I have maybe too many partitions but in the root of every partition with anything related to Cubase there is this silly folder. Can’t you find a better way to do whatever you need these folders for in C8.5?

Thanks in advance …

I support this!!! Please avoid any logs-folder in the root. Thanks.