C# on synth launches new track in Cubase

I have my synth (MOXF6) configured and assigned to a MIDI track in Cubase 9 Elements, which works but with two major problems: 1) When I hit certain keys on the synth, they launch various dialogs in Cubase. As an example, C launches the add track dialog, C# immediately adds a track, etc. 2) Certain transport functions in Cubase send MIDI notes to the keyboard. For example, the space bar plays a note on the synth.

I’m relatively new to Cubase and I cannot figure out where to fix this. (BTW, a cat was in the room with this computer unattended and I’m blaming it all on her.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you are not using any Generic Remote Device or Mackie Control in your Cubase. If yes, make sure, MOXF6 is not selected as MIDI Input of these devices. You can check this in Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices.

Yes! Perfect! Thanks!