C Pro 8.5 VST routing Vanished ..

Routing VST Plug ins to a Dedicated Folder on another drive for C pro 8.5 / GA 4 seems to have Vanished.
I normally keep a separate drive for plugins only , making a separate VST Plugins folder n when installing Cubase VST/I etc , route all the plug VST 2 and VST 3 / VST / VSTi in there then, add the path to the X ( Drive ) VST Plugins folder , and update the plugins from the drop down menu Plugins. But In C Pro 8.5 and GA 4 that ability when installing , has vanished , Nor is the Update plug in, drop in the down menu , nor the add new folder , if the plug in with the Dll file is in there , so i cant get any 3 rd party plug in, to get recognized By C 8.5 . all those earlier options seems to have vanished, all the earlier versions of Cubase n VST / VSTi had it , some thing I am doing wrong ? or may be SB has a better option , any advice please thanks ws

Please some one confirm that while installing Cubase 8 , i can no longer choose the option of installing the VST / s to another folder in another drive dedicated to VST/i/s only , as i done with all previous versions of cubase … i am doing a full reinstall , and if its not possible any more i ll simply load it all on drive C: / Programs , and keep that drive for bckups , and if its possible, some is still doing it , please so how … thanks ws