C Pro 8 Plug-In Manager is GREAT!

Just started using the Plug-In Manager as things were starting to get very unorganised and I have to say, its GREAT.

I don’t have to move any of the Plugs I have (outside of Cubase) into specific folders anymore which inevitably messes up paths etc. The Cubase Plug-In Manager is worth the Upgrade Cost from 7.5 alone. Wonderful.

A positive post! :wink:

Agreed. Being able to group by plug in type across all manufacturers means that I don’t have to go through the long hunt through the dropdowns. But, equally important, I don’t have to deal with the clutter when looking through lists that include plug ins I no longer use or am not authorized to use.

Building the list made me look hard at what I actually use, and I made the decision to not include those that I would try in a track, but inevitably pull out. The ones remaining are sorted by plug in type/frequency of use.

And, the UAD folder was getting seriously ridiculous.

Very happy with it as well. Been wanting something like this as long as I’ve been using Cubase.

Yes its a miracle tool !