C Pro 8/UA Apollo Twin MkII: Bad combination?

I tried to use my new UA Apollo Twin MkII with Cubase 8 Pro Mac yesterday. But I couldn’t make it work.

Because I have some experience in IT tech support, I tried all the obvious things and then I remembered the mantra “Have you installed the latest version of the app…?” Well my C8 Pro was the last version, but it’s older than my new audio interface, so perhaps I need to upgrade to C9 Pro.

I haven’t upgraded to 8.5 or 9 because I could see any new features worth paying for, but I hate wasting time, so credit card, down load, messing with the e-licencer, installing C9 Pro and everything just worked…

I don’t know if someone else is using this combination, but I thought that I should share my experience, in case someone else is struggling. :slight_smile:

Have you also tried posting on the UA forum too?

I know there are a few guys on there that use Cubase that might be able to help UAD, Apollo, and LUNA Forums


No I didn’t (but I am registered there). My problem was solved by upgrading to Cubase Pro 9, so I don’t have a problem anymore.

I just wanted to share how I solved the problem, in case someone else is struggling here.

Weird, because I have C8.5 working and it probably shouldn’t.

I migrated from Mac Pro to Mac Mini (don’t ask)… I mean not any installs - just a straight Time capsule migration.

Not only did 8.5 work, most plugins worked, and I installed the Apollo Twin and it worked fine.

I thought I would have to at least reinstall Cubase, but apparently a migration acts like a normal OS update.