C Pro 9/UA Apollo: Where do the UA plugs appear when mixing

I am running Cubase Pro 8 and is considering to upgrade to 9 and purchase an UA Apollo Twin MkII.

I believe I understand how things are working when I am tracking and where the Apollo Console 2.0 takes over the input control.

But when mixing and using the UA plugins which are running in the Apollo’s DSPs, where do access the UA plugins? In the Cubase console as with any non-DSP sound card? Or do I mix in the Apollo’s Console 2.0 application like with an external console?



Yes, the plug-ins are available in Cubase, same as all other plug-ins. Just for the computing, the power of the UAD processor is used instead of your computer processor. From the user point of view, the operation is exactly the same, like it is with all other plug-ins.

Thanks Martin,

Is it possible to “freeze” the UA plugins, just like VST-plugins to free up some power to use more plugs?

Yes, or you can Render in Place. All of these options are available.

Brilliant! Done! I have just ordered one! :slight_smile: