"ç" shortcut not working


I try to assign “ç” as a shortcut on a French AZERTY keyboard but it is not working.
Is it a bug or I missed something?


Hi, GoldenSwing!
This is strange, as I see in my keycommands_fr.json file that I’ve used quite a number of times (and, for instance, to replace the 9 “Breve”, as I did for every number — rhythmic duration, to avoid pressing shift) and it does work. Can you tell me more about the shortcut you want to assign to it? Have you installed other keycommands_fr.json files? I ask that, because I’ve made mine quite public (in the French speaking FB page, for instance), so there might be some issues if you don’t correct it.
[Edit] I checked the “real” json file, and actually, I use META+Ç, which is ctrl+ç, maybe because ç alone did not work. That is a real issue we have, we users who tried to develop key bindings in different keyboard layouts (languages). Some combinations do not work in a language and do work in another. There probably is a reason for each of those combinations, but honestly, I recommend you find some combination that does work and move on !

Thanks for your reply, I was trying to assign the single flat to it, in order to have this array:
_: double flat
ç: single flat
à: natural
): single sharp
=: double sharp

I reassigned it to this alternative:
²: double flat
&: single flat
é: natural
": single sharp
': double sharp

There are some shortcuts on all keyboard layouts that cannot be assigned for one reason or another (e.g. Shift+Alt+B on an English layout, because it produces ı, the “dotless i” character), and I imagine that ç is a similar case on the French-language layout. Dorico is at the mercy of what the Qt framework it uses for this kind of thing does, and the current version has some issues, particularly on Mac. We’re hopeful that the next major version of Qt, which will include substantial changes in this area, might allow more combinations to be bound.