C10.0.10 Crashing on opening Project

Hey there,

unfortunately Cubase 10 is barely usable - maybe one of the worst releases ever.

When trying to open a C9.5 project is crashes with this error:
Plugins which work perfectly in C9.5 and Wavelab 9.5 are NOT being shown in C10.
Almost all Kush-Plugins.

Sometimes when I start playbackÔÇŽit doesn`t start - especcially when set to the first bar?!? :open_mouth:
Older Audioprojects stutter due to processor usage (?!) when being played - they worked perfectly before.

This are just the issues from the top of my headÔÇŽ
This is really annoying!


Please attach the mentioned *.dmp file.


the .dmp can`t be attached here.
I have already ssubmitted the corresponding files to Steinberg: Ticket ID# 158788


Interesting. There are other users, whose can attach a *.dmp file here. You can try to ZIP it. Or you can try to share a link to Dropbox (or similar service).