C10.0.20: Corrupt or broken CPR which I am working on

Hey there,

I guess something is broken within my current Cubase .cpr file. :open_mouth:

When I press start on Bar 1 the playback doesnt start. I copied the complete arrangement to Bar 5...then it works - more or less. Cycling doesnt work seamless either.

Can somebody from Steinberg Rep. :ugeek: please fix my .cpr as I am pretty far into this project.
Just drop me a note and I`ll send it via email or upload.

Thank you,


Could you try to Back up the project? Is it the same with the new backup project?

Opening the .bak File from the previous saved Version has the same issues.
Saving the project with a new name, booting again and opening THAT new session doesn`t work either.

…or did you mean something else? :question:


I don’t mean a BAK file. I mean to use the function File > Back up project. Select a new folder and back up the project to this new folder. Then open the backuped project from the new folder.

Did a project Backup but the problem is still persistent.
How do I get my project fixed?

Thank you in advance!


Could you share a link to the project (stored for example at Dropbox). I could try to open it on my side and have a look on it.