C10.0.3 HiDpi Win 10

Hi I recently switched from Mac to Windows and Cubase 10 looks a little different in Windows in HiDpi mode. For example the waveforms are still blurry in comparison to the rest of the general GUI - is that expected behaviour?

Same for me! I just bought a new laptop with FHD screen (125% scalling), but my PRO 10 is opening with blurry interface! I tried to switch HiDPI mode within Cubase all blurry artifacts are disappeared, but everything (text, icon, plugins) became very small about 100% scalling. I can’t even work with that, my eyes are hurts because of that.

Here what they wrote on their support page. That’s ridiculous.

HiDPI disabled
This is the default setting of Cubase 10.
In this case, the user interface generally adapts to the monitor scaling settings as set up in Windows.
Graphical assets will not be rendered in higher resolution though and may appear blurry/pixelated or too small.
HiDPI enabled
HiDPI is only supported on Windows 10 systems.
To enable HiDPI support in Cubase, go to Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ General and check ‘Enable HiDPI’. HiDPI support will be enabled next time you start Cubase.
When enabled, the user interface will use graphical assets in high resolution.
Currently Cubase supports only integer monitor scaling settings from Windows, for example.:
Monitor scaling setting of 125% displays Cubase with 100%
Monitor scaling setting of 150% displays Cubase with 200%
Monitor scaling setting of 175% displays Cubase with 200%
Monitor scaling setting of 200% displays Cubase with 200%