C10.5 FeedbackSurvey : and replace audio in video

So one of the questions in the survey asked to
“Choose your top 10 feature requests and rank them from 1 to 10”

there were over 22 items in the list, and were asked to rank at least 10.
One of these items was “Replace audio in video”

I KNOW THAT C10.5 now has “export to video” - but you need to pay for an upgrade to get to C10.5 to get this feature…

But !! WHERE IS THE “replace audio in video” feature that was supposed to be put back after SB removed it in 9.x ??
Are we going to be re-paying for features that were chopped in one release, and then ‘re introduce’ and re market again in some other new (and paid) upgrade again (and again …)