C10.5 Midi device manager in OSX is broken

Hi, I’ve been making a midi device manager for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 and the editor of the midi device manager is having a lot of GUI problems, most of them in the objects bar:
The name of the selected menu it’s not shown
Half of the backgrounds are not shown
The parameter in the value boxes is not displayed in any of them
The value of the use raster box is not shown
It’s not possible to see the objetcs bar complete.

I’ve attached screenshots of everything mentioned here, I’m using a 15 inch Mid 2014 Macbook Pro with Catalina 19G73 and Cubase 10.5.2 Build 179

Another screenshot

I have similar GUI issues in 10.5.20 with my custom made midi devices. They worked perfectly from C6.5 to C10.0.60, now they are all messed up.

Anyone else? This looks clearly like a 10.5 bug.

Hi Mister 9 Volt, can you confirm it’s working OK in Cubase 10.0?

Yes, in 10.0. everything looks fine.
In 10.5. some fonts are different and parts of the GUI are just gone or invisible.

Well, I just checked again with C6.5 - compared to C6.5 not everything looks fine in C10.0.
They must have changed fonts and background colours (some original grey panels became white), but not sure in which cubase version…but 10.5. is definitely worse.

The whole device panel stuff should get a major update. It’s such a cool tool to control hardware devices but it’s so buggy…

Hi Mister 9 Volt, do you know how can we get support regarding this bug? It seems that noone in Steinberg is reading this forum.

Sorry I just noticed your reply today…
I have no idea, as long as nobody else seems to be bothered by this bug they probably won’t fix it.