C10.5 retrospective record problem still in C12?

Regarding the 30-second “hurry up and decide, time is ticking!” problem described here:

where if you play something in “stop” mode and do not decide to save it via retrospective record within 30 seconds, you lose it… Is that still an issue in c12? This is one of the things that kept me from going past c10. Would be nice if we could either set that value (and give us some loong choice, like several minutes) or if it would go back to behaving as it does in c10.

This is surely a feature request. So why not tag it as a feature request. It cannot be a problem if it was built intentionally like that in the first place.

It’s a good idea. It would be good if the midi was still available in lanes, that would be the best place. So the previous midi ideas was available in a retroactive “ghost” lanes for a period of time. Then Cubase starts a new lane and the user gets the option to comp them.

But it just might be that Steinberg will see that as not in the spirit of what they where trying to do. Maybe they would think it’s getting to close to actual recording.

Retrospective recording is for short ideas or on situations when you don’t record, but just playing around and played good part and sure you won’t play the same in recording process. Anyway RR isn’t designed for long recordings. Try to get accustomed with Record button. It surely will help :wink:

P.S. I meet the same “issue” of buffer flushing and I understand that it is temporary buffer like the Temp folder on your computer and no one is responsible of things that are gone from this place.

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Arthur, agreed. Partially. It is indeed a different paradigm and not really meant for full-on recording. But 30 seconds is in practice just too short of a “use it or lose it” time. Typical example, I am not in record mode, but just practicing some part in order to prep for eventual recording. I may go at this for quite some time. Then maybe start just improvising on something unrelated, noodling. Then stop, look through some notes for a couple of minutes in order to go back to practicing, and realize that what I was just doing might be worth saving and working on as a new piece later. Oops! The buffer was emptied a minute and a half ago.

In C10, it works great. As long as there is no activity in Cubase, I can probably (untested) go to the kitchen and get a snack and realize while snacking… “wait a sec, that thing I was noodling on might deserve another look”.

From these replies, I take it that the time-limit is still in effect in C12?