C10 and Mojave/eLicenser - C10 not starting - Resolved

I see a few issues reported with eLicenser issues recently but I have ended up with a C10 Pro that will not even load, it freezes a while into starting up and only a force quit gets it to close.
Just wondered if anyone else has the same issues at all with Mojave?

I have tried reinstalling both Mojave and C10 itself as well as removing and reinstalling the ELC control centre too.
Have also trashed preferences for all versions of Cubase as well to no avail.
Have also made sure there are no files left behind with the eLicenser install as advised on the support page to ensure nothing is left and to ensure that the fresh install is clean.

The strange thing (thank goodness) is that Pro 9.5 still loads and runs as normal which seems to indicate that the eLicenser is indeed working correctly.

I have also seen mention that you have to allow synsopos.app to run in system preferences and have made sure that this is ticked.

The exact message when I force quit Cubase 10 is -
“Synsopos.app could not be started. Probably the file is corrupted or incompatible, or file access permissions are set incorrectly”

I do notice the ELC software is 32 bit and not 64 bit as Mojave prefers but presume others are not having this problem?

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated - I have put in a support ticket but thought I would ask the question here.




I would guess, you have no enough permission to run eLCC.

Is this the preferences you are talking about?

Hi Martin

I appreciate the quick reply there - yes, your link is to what I meant about the preferences.

I am the sole user of the Mac and logged in as administrator so unless I am missing something that should all be ok.

Does your message look like this?

Yes - that is the one - have followed all the actions on that page to approve synsopops.



Just an update in case anyone looks here again - resolved and C10 is now working well with Mojave.
After Martin kindly looked at the crash logs and even they would not open it was time for a clear out.

I did a clean install of Mojave and then everything else I wanted to keep was added back in.
Not my first choice, but it has cleared out so much rubbish that you accumulate over time.
I guess perhaps all the multiple versions and upgrades upon upgrades may not have helped either.