C10 crashes on importing audio files / render in place

Hi, here’s the issue I’m experiencing on a regular basis:

  1. Drag and drop an audio file from browser or Splice widget into Cubase, so that it has to create a new audio track and import the piece of audio. Crashes on 80% of occasions for me. Also happens when using the file-import-audio file function. If I import on to an existing audio track it still crashes, although less frequently. I like the drag and drop method because it automatically names the track according to the name of the audio file, but neither method is reliable.

  2. Render a piece of midi to audio using the render-in-place function - rendering goes fine and the progress bar goes till completion, but as soon as the new audio track is created for that audio piece, Cubase crashes. This happens on 90% of occasions for me.

Very frustrating, as my work primarily involves mixing using stems and beat creation using Splice - all of which is centered around importing audio files into Cubase.

MacOS Mojave, MacBook Pro 2015. This issue doesn’t occur with 9.5.