C10 doesn't recognize a new patchname script added


I have just upgraded to C10 from an older version and I have added one of my patchname scripts into the patchname inactive folder.
However, when I try to install it in C10, it does not show up among the other patchnames.
Do I have to put it in another folder?

I guess that it’s for an external instrument or an equivalent that can be defined within the MIDI Device Manager. I have three external instruments, here, and for each of them, I have saved their patches in a .xml file created with it and being placed in a folder that is located out of my Cubase installation, so I’m sure to be able to retrieve them after any update. From which, I don’t use the _\Scripts\patchname_ subfolder and its content, as there is no dedicated place to save patchname scripts, AFAIK. Anyway, I have done it this this way since more than ten years, without issues until now, so…

If I ever need to edit one of them (which is seldom…), I just use the Import setup button in the MIDI Device Manager and go in this ‘external’ folder to retrieve the involved .xml file, before eventually editing it. Importing the .xml file is mandatory to be able to use the patches in the track inspector, though, otherwise the patches will not be available.

HTWH and that I’m not out of topic…

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