C10 Media Bay tabs switching crash (dump attached)

Friend of mine has some issues with his Cubase 10 Pro running on the tower PC (quite new Core i5 Gen9 build)
When he quickly changes the tabs forth and back on MediaBay (VSTi/files/etc), Cubase crashes.
Changing the tabs slowly does not crash the program.
He also noted, that after he connected the eLicenser without USB hub the situations seems to be better, so maybe it’s a problem with timely access to licenses (on the stick is not only C10 but refx Nexus as well)

He says, that on his laptop there is no such problem (but the eLicenser is then connected directly too).

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

Best regards
Cubase 64bit 2019.9.6 (644 KB)