C10 + Waves Studiorack - Crashes on Mac but not Win

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Another third party/GUI crash issue here possibly…

Waves studio rack is consistently causing cubase 10 to crash on mac. Opening the same project on Windows 10 doesn’t have this issue.
Cubase 9.5 works fine. Here are two short videos.

https://youtu.be/3ODJdAAjpdw [Studiorack being opened]
https://youtu.be/u4QnWu7QzIQ [On next open of the project the Studiorack interface opens BLACK. Closing the plugin window then crashes cubase.

Safemode and trashing preferences has not resolved the issue. Here is crash log for anyone who might be able to give any more light on the issue!

CRASH LOG for Second Video (crash on closing window)
Cubase 10_2018-11-21-234113_Bluebirds-iMac.crash (152 KB)

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Both crashes are in Cubase. I reported it to Steinberg (CAN-19488).

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Happens to me with Wave plugins as well. Im using version 9.0 Wasveshell.vst. Comparing notes with other Wave Plugin users on Mac they don’t seem to get this crash if their Waveshell is v9.2 or above. The trouble is theres more cost involved in updating, which is a non starter if you haven’t got the budget. Just spent mine on C10 and basically its unusable as it crashes when using the plugs which are on most of my projects.
All fine in C9.5.


The same exact issue here with StudioRack.

Hay Guys i Am Having The Same Thing With Cubase 10 and Waves Studio Rack i Called Steinberg Support They Did Not Help at All He Said There Was a Bug Fix Update Cubase 10.0.10 it Did NOT FIX IT What Make Me Mad is That You Pay a Lot Of Money i Have Spent Thousands on Steinberg Stuff And it Should Run and Work Rite What The Hell ManThe Steinberg Support Guy Said To Me When i Explained What Was Going On ( HE SAID THATS WEIRD ) Thats it COME ON STEINBERG REALLY’’


If you are on macOS 10.14, update to 10.14.2, please. As far as I know, there was a bug in macOS and Waves, which has been fixed by the macOS update.

No I Am On High Sierra 10.13.6 Cubase 10.0.10 Studio Rack is Still Crashing Cubase 10 But Studio Rack Works Fine In Cubase 9.5 IT IS REALY PISSING ME OFF Like i Said You Pay a lot Of Money For Waves and Cubase The Shit Needs To Work I Cant Use My Waves Plugin Soundgrid Version With My Digigrid iOS Interface Stinberg and Waves Get Your SHIT TOGETHER Git on The Same Page Man

Waves has stated that StudioRack is not compatible with Cubase 10. The bug is not fixable by Cubase.
See https://www.waves.com/plugins/studiorack#tab-tech-specs|tab-supported-hosts


Before I spend a bunch of time and other inherent risks in updating to 10.14.2, do you have any further information or other proof that this will fix the StudioRack crash issue in Cubase 10?


This information comes from Waves. They said, there was a bug in macOS, which caused StudioRack crash. And this bug has been fixed in 10.14.2.

Myself, I’m not Waves user.

Thanks for the info but it turns out I was already on 10.14.2 and was having the issue. I went ahead and updated to 10.14.3 to try the latest version but with no luck - Waves StudioRack still crashes in 10 (black plugin screen, closing the screen crashes Cubase) but works without issue in 9.5. This leads me to believe it’s a Cubase issue, not a Waves issue but went ahead and sent a support ticket to Waves asking if they had any information as to when 10 might get fixed and be listed as compatible. Will see what they tell me as well. :laughing:


Make sure you have the latest Cubase 10.0.15 installed, please. Could you attach the lates *.crash file, please?

I can try and do that in the next day or two. Here is what Waves had to say:

"Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support.

We are currently working on making StudioRack compatible with Cubase 10. However, there’s no ETA at the moment.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Best Regards,

Tech Support Representative"


Thank you for sharing.

Here ya go.
Cubase 10_2019-03-02-090102_Todds-Macbook-Pro.crash (139 KB)


Do you have the latest Waves update installed? As far as I remember, this should be fixed now.

I did at the time that I made the post and there were no Waves updates for about a week after I made the post. Will see if there are any new Waves updates but yeah, at the time everything was up to date and then I just went back to using 9.5 after Waves said they were aware of the issue but had no ETA on a fix.

Waves is Really Getting Me Mad I Have Called For 3 months Since This Problem Started Since Cubase 10 i Have Called Them 5 Times in 3 Months and They Still Don’t Have a Answer i Have $4000 in Hardware DSP iOS Interface and Plugins and They Say The Same Thing Like They Are Reading it of a Paper IT IS WAVES Screw Up BUT Steinberg To Should Have Got With Waves and Said ( Ha Waves We Are Releasing a Manger cubase Update Let’s Get Together and Make Shue Are Stuff If Going To Work With Your Stuff i Know Waves is Responsible For There Own Software But Steinberg Should Make Shue Cubase is Good With Every Thing To I DON’T KNOW This Hole WAVES CUBASE 10 thing Has Me P.ssed Off Cubase 10 Still Has Some Bugs To

Ok, ran Waves Central and there were a few updates (Scheps Omni, AB TS Mastering) but nothing for StudioRack. I updated everything and gave it a whirl and yep, not fixed. Latest Waves everything and Cubase 10.0.15. When you open the plugin window for plugins in StudioRack a couple of times, the plugin window is black and closing the window causes Cubase 10 to crash, same as always. Back to 9.5 again… :confused: