C10 - weird mouse things going on in DAW since install

I installed C10 fine (Windows 10 64bit) and have experienced no issues with the software itself so far - everything opens and works as expected - but for some reason every now and then a mouse click or touch seems to create an action.
If i click on a part it either opens or cuts or duplicates. If i go into a part and drag the slider/zoom it moves really quickly making it really difficult to zoom or slide to the right spot for editing. If i single click on a track name it goes into edit which should only happen on double click … etc.
I’m not using the new ‘HiDPi’ setting.
I’ve checked my mouse settings in the PC and they have not changed, and they seem to work fine outside of C10 but in C10 it’s a painso weird.

Just wondered if anyone else was having this problem or had resolved it.

Other than this i think it’s gonna be a cool upgrade.
Thanks for and thoughts you might have on this subject.