C10, Windows 7, ugly fonts in menus

Getting some very nasty looking font in the menus on C10. 9.5 is fine.

Could it be because I’m on Windows 7 and C10 has a different default font that’s only on Windows 10?

Hi :slight_smile:
Now you mention it, I noticed it too, and have the same problem here,I am on Windows 7 SP1 :open_mouth:

But noticed in your in you,detail, you are on Windows XP? Could be something to do with that?
Think its to do with Cubase 10 new scaling features,that allows users to , use much bigger monitors
no expert here,something I heard

Ah, my signature was old but updated now. I’m on Windows 7 indeed.

Could be the scaling thing but it’s supposedly not enabled by default so I’m not sure that’s it.

Ugly fonts here too.

+1. On Windows 7, the menu font in Cubase Pro 10.0.10 looks blurry and is hard to read, while menus in 9.5 are still looking great. Please fix that.

I’m on Windows 10, but the menu fonts are ‘ugly’, and need fixing.

same here, blurry fonts in menus only. Win 7, Cubase 10.0.15., whereas in cubase 9.5 everthing’s looking good.
please fix this!

No ugly fonts here on 10.0.15…actually finding this version to be the best and most solid I’ve ever had…it’s dragging me back from Studio one, still a click fest though…LOL but the improvements are ace…particularly in VA… :slight_smile: