C11.0.40 Crashes ...... Multiple Crash Dump supplied (SOLVED)

Colud someone shed some light on this please ,I keep getting a type 22 error message coming up saying "a serious problem has occurred please save the project under a different name " nearly every time im using Cubase

Here’s my crash dump file
Cubase 64bit 2021.10.10 (2.2 MB)


When did you get the crash, please? Can you reproduce it?

Hi Martin , yes it happens every time with this project i started new in .30
Doesn’t the crash dump highlight what the cause could be ?


I didn’t resolve the dmp so far. It’s always helpful to know more details. Like what happened before. Thank you.

Nothing out the ordinary , i have 2 instances of apache open on two Halion 6’s midi tacks a few audio channels with hardly any plugins , i have the feeling it’s either having two instances of Halion 6 open or the Apache , i will work my way back through it tomorrow and see what happens

Two more Crash dumps added , both with the same project

Cubase 64bit 2021.9.26 (943.7 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.9.26 (840.5 KB)


Did you downgrade back to Cubase 11.0.30, please? The 1st DMP was from mCubase 11.0.40, these two are from Cubase 11.0.30.

No , these are the same project , i forgot , i started the project in .30 , so this problem has persisted through both versions of Cubase


All crashes are in the graphic area. What graphic card do you use, please? Is your graphic card driver up to date, please?

I will check later ,It’s a Radion HD 7790 , never had an issue with graphics in 8 years , but i will check

I am using 11.0.0 build 300 Cubase LE AI Elements and am getting lots of crashes. I need not be doing anything. I left my iMac Pro (Big Sur 11.6) with just the screen saver running a few nights ago and it had crashed overnight. Because I’ve only just started using it in the last week, I probably haven’t had enough exposure to know what potential conflicts there might be, but right now following a crash shortly after getting to the computer and duplicating a track, it crashed.
I have attached the report and have just downloaded 11.0.40 but have not yet installed it.
Many thanks in advance,Cubase LE AI Elements Crash Report.txt.zip (34.5 KB)


Update to the latest Cubase 11.0.40, please.

Thanks Martin. I will do that but my post was on the back of crashes reported in this thread with 11.0.40. I’m upgrading now and will let you know as/when there is another crash.

Ok well , Cheers Martin , there was an update for the drivers of my graphics card and ive been running the same project exactly the same as before and so far so good no crashes or error reports , i will carry on with this project and see what happens but it looks like you were spot on , looks like the update of drivers solved the issue … I love my old machine :wink:

Cheers , i’ll post here if anything arises

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Well something arose pretty quickly with the latest version.

  1. closed a project without saving and then re-opened it
  2. duplicated the only track (ROLI Studio instrument)
  3. switched on my Korg nanoKEY Studio
  4. connected the keyboard through the Mac ‘connect bluetooth midi device’
  5. crash

I will repeat the exercise without the ROLO Studio and see if other VSTs might cause a problem (ie is it Cubase or ROLI?)

Attached is the crash report and a couple of screenshots.
Thanks in advance to any contributions.Cubase LE AI Elements 11_2021-10-11-121709_Myless-iMac-Pro.crash.zip (33.0 KB)
![Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 12.18.05|690x331](upload://rV


Aha - new user. Have to attach one at a time.


There is Cubase involved in the crash thread, but it ends up with apple coreMIDI stuff:

Thread 22 Crashed:: com.steinberg.coremidi.notify
0   ???                           	0x00000001272a5d00 0 + 4952055040
1   com.apple.audio.midi.CoreMIDI 	0x00007fff34ebfecd _XNotify + 1003
2   com.apple.audio.midi.CoreMIDI 	0x00007fff34e96727 mshMIGPerform + 236

Sorry, is Korg nanoKEY Studio BT device?

Are you going to start another thread or completely over take my Issue here ?

I’m so sorry. I assumed the topic of crashes was one to which it would be appropriate to add too.
I have not been on this forum before but recently in other forums there are people who get brassed off when new topics are created which relate closely to existing ones (maybe I’m thinking more of tickets and bug reports.
I respect your view that I’ve invaded your space and I’ll start a new thread.

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No problems fella , yep just start a new thread then we can keep track on our individual problems