C11 and Novation Automap

Still loving the fact that Automap still works perfectly with third party plugin’s with C11 , i haven’t tried to enable the stock plugin’s due to the Big meter issue but for 11 year old tech it’s great to still be using it :wink:

Still using mine…

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Yep ,still using mine , especially for building plugin templates . great software still . works with C11 even without having to setup the Automap

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Welp, since we got this going… what templates do y’all have/created.

I have a few from novation (downloaded) but other than the Virus there was never a template I really needed as my controllers are laid out around me with my 25mkII at my fingertips…

the latest “beta” release is still : Automap 4.13b2 Released on 02-12-19 10:04
so I’m thinking this is the eotl afa “beta” updates go…

Here’s one of loads but This is for the Waves CLA Epic , all faders and knobs are for the corresponding function .
CLA EPIC 0.0.zip (2.1 KB)