C11 ARA2 and localised folders names

Hi! There is a phenomenal bug makes me crazy past 2 days. After Update form 10.5 Ive found that ARA2 extensions stops working at all.C10.5 same time works as a charm. When Im trying to send audio to RevoicePro4 ie it opens empty window after some timeoute. Also I found that revoice link inside Cubase stuck with “preparing data”. The same behaviour with spectralayers. After endless dialogs with support I start to dig it out on my own. After 16 hours nightmare of reinstalling etc I wonder why C11 cant transfer audio… May be a localised letter in folder names or project cant take transfer procedure done! BINGO! Be aware! If you are using localised names instead of English in projects folder even folders tree has ARA2 won’t working… It reminds me Windows 98 times and Cubase SX…but not this days.

… Oh! localised names? Can you give me an example, please? Thank you very much, Michael

Yes paths are a bane of our lives at times. Haven’t studied how ARA works in detail yet but Im bound to run into this with having Revoice Pro 4, Melodyne and Spectral Layers7 in the arsenal. Especially as I am trying to keep two OSX versions Mojave and Catalina on the go in the Studio. More reading coming up. Revoice and Logic has to have an ARA tweak and Ive seen a few posts about melodyne and ARA in Cubase so we are still a little way from install and forget.


Are you on Windows or Mac, please?


iMac pro Mojave 10.14.6

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I have exacly the same problem. I also run Mojave. My extansions are Melodyne, Vocalign, spectra. I havent tried leave out the special letters yet but gonna try later today. :smiley:
Im swedish and i know I have ”å,ä,ö” somewhere in the project.

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Yes, this is it.

… fixed now.

I have a similar problem with Cubase 11: After having saved a song that includes the use of Melodyne and reopening it later, I find that my changes are no longer there, meaning: Melodyne is still active as an ‘extension’ on the source audiotracks, but the corresponding ‘blobs’ do no longer appear in Melodyne and so nothing is actually played since the active Melodyne mutes the source audio. I suspect you are spot on about the local naming. but

  • which ones?
  • change your local naming to ‘comply’ with Melodyne OR can you change the paths yourself?
    I’m on Mac, fyi.
    I was sent here by someone from Melodyne ‘support’…
    And we pay for this?

I have the same problem, both in Melodyne and Spectralayers, working on iMac under Catalina.
Gotta say that this doesn’t happen on a new project, but it does after i have a few tracks in.

Well, I’ve meanwhile upgraded to Cubase 11 which solved the problem…

Addendum, for clarification:
Unknowingly* I was still opening Cubase 10.5 when I decided to post about this issue.
*Cubase does not put itself in the dock ( I’m on Mac) automatically after installation (I upgraded from 10.5 to 11), nor does it replace its own previous version (10.5, in this case) from the dock. So when I described this issue, I was unknowingly talking and still opening Cubase 10.5.
After removing Cubase 10.5 and opening 11 from the apps folder- not forgetting to permanently put it in the dock - my issue got resolved.
If you read the ‘system requirements’ on Melodyne 5 (Assistant), it unfortunately states it doesn’t guarantee proper functionality as of Cubase 11… .