C11 - batch export?

Hi all, HH

I am trying to batch export 20 audio files which are on separate tracks. I searched the manual for “batch”, and all I really see is:

Batch Processing > Direct Offline Processing

But that doesn’t seem to help.

Do I use the Export Queue function in the Export Audio Window? I see in the manual where it says. “Add to Queue > Adds a job to the job queue list.”

But I don’t see how to add the files that are currently in the project.


Thanks in advance.

Well you don’t add Files to the queue, you add Tracks. Just click the box in front of one Track and add it to the queue. Then change the Track selection to another Track and add it to the queue. Repeat for as many Tracks as you want to export.

Ah, ok - that works - thx!

But what about locators? If the tracks (audio events) are all diff lengths, the only thing I can see doing is setting the locators to the longest event, and then processing the Q. Meaning that almost every file is going to have alot of dead air at the end?

Use the Marker Track, create a Cycle Marker for each song and use those to indicate the various export ranges.

Wow - sounds like a laborious process. But thanks for the help!

If you want each Export to be a different length, at some point you need to tell Cubase what those lengths are - it doesn’t just know somehow. In large part the busywork is an artifact of how you decided to structure your project. There’s probably a way to set it up next time to make your life easier.

Another alternative that might be better suited to your situation - you could Render the Tracks In Place. While this will also create a new Rendered Track for each Track, the Audio for these Rendered Tracks will be be available in the Project’s Audio folder. With the right Render settings the file lengths will adjust to the material on the Track. I’m not at my DAW now (and won’t be for awhile) so I can’t give the specific settings. But you want to set it so it Renders each Track to a single Audio File and not into several sections. You also probably want to add a “tail” onto the file to catch any reverb or ambience at the end.