C11 - converting flac to wav upon import?

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I have a few flac files that I wish to import into C11. Is there any way to have Cubase convert them to wav upon import, without having to export each file once in the project?

Thanks in advance.


If the Project > Project Setup > Record File Format > Record File Type is set to the Wave File, the FLAC file would become converted to WAV during the import. Or you can set it up in the Import Options dialog, when importing the file. If the dialog doesn’t appear, you can change it in the Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Import Audio File.

That is indeed set to wave, and Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Import Audio File is set to “convert to proj settings”

Upon import, the flac files remain as flac and do not get converted to wave.


Do you see them as the FLAC files in the Pool?


And on the HDD that they were placed in.

So, if I have the files in C:\temp1, and create a new proj in
C:\temp2, and import the files from C:\temp1, the new files in C:\temp2\Audio are flac not wav

FLAC files are an exception to conversion on Import (manual):

If you chose a compressed audio file other than FLAC, Cubase copies the original compressed file and converts it to wave format (Windows) or AIFF format (macOS).

AHA! Thank you.