C11: fit and non-fit of the design.

  1. The colors are still crude and changing them overall is a pain. Very small logical fixes have at least been made. Anyway I put everything in gray or almost … (but there is no gray in the color palette …, or a simple gray palette).

  2. There have been some pretty good design adjustments (like lessening the 1960s style roundness). Many paintings are clearer and more refined.

  3. Track names are always so bold as unnecessary. Please an option! Looks like the tracks are screaming. Track names are not chapter titles, Steinberg friends … Keep the bold for groups maybe.

  4. The elevators (how do you say in English? The handles to go up and down in the windows) are always ridiculous. Thin as a pin, I look for them every time … Steinberg Please give only one valid reason for keeping this (except stubbornness). To save space, I have a list of 10 items before I get there. And the first is to allow controllers to view ON the track, the second is to allow collapsed directory tracks automatically when the directory tracks are opened.

  5. Again the Fisher Price button for Control Room. Babies love …

However, this is a good version, this C11.

So much for the day.

with scaling set to 125%:

  1. GUI partly look like hand-drawn
  • ok/cancel buttons have a gap in between
  • colored elements seem like some pixel off (e.g. green color of R buttons etc.)
  1. my mixer has thin black lines (some kind of a grid) all over the place. Must be the “rulers” for the hand-drawn GUI which was left

  2. scroll bars still “1px” in width. Steinberg, I wish somebody would force you working with such Scrollbars in all the other tools you use like excel etc.

  3. not being able to use 100% scaling anymore if Windows is set to 125 % is really not acceptable. C11 is unusable with such overly enlarged GUI

1 and 2. In pc and on 4k screen I don’t see this. Got a screenshot?
3. Yes! This enduring graphic decision is not human.
4. I was at 100% and stayed at 100%. But can Cubase be independent from Windows on this point?

Here is a screenshot attached.
A) color boxes off
B) text labels of tracks are off/outside the part (and large) - does not really bother me
C) black grid in mixer
D) Gap in the beginning of the track view when a drum-editor part is selected. if normal part is selected, then the gap vanishes. ugly and distracting that it switches each time a different part is selcted

Shots taken at 125% windows scaling.
And please Steinberg, give us an option to select 100% scaling in any way (command line, option, xml edit I dont care)

Weird. I don’t have that here. I think it’s the graphics card or the screen because of what C11 asks of it. Is that how it is 100%, or just 125%?

it is just 125%. 100% is fine in regards to above