C11 Hub Does NOT Set Default to PROMPT FOR LOCATION

Hi, it’s my understanding that in C11, the HUB is now supposed to default to the option “Prompt for Project Location” on startup.
Mine is still defaulting to the C10 “Use default location” setting.
Can I change this preference somewhere?
(See screenshot)

Try to click the radio-button beneath the one your arrow is pointing at maybe? You know the one which says “Prompt for Project Location”… Once selected it should “stick”.

Or do it change back when launching C11 the next time?

Thanks Carvin - yes I was able to do that and it sticks.
I guess I was under the impression that after having upgraded it was going to appear changed from the first launch. I didn’t realize I had to manually set it. In which case then, I don’t understand what the difference is with previous versions.

I think this happens if you have an earlier version installed, and at start C11 are “copying” over the settings from the the earlier version (ex C10.5)