C11 Pro: Export Queue Question: Summing Tracks

Hey all! The new queuing options in 11Pro are just amazing, but I am having trouble determining if I can do the following:

  • I’m trying to export various stems, in many cases comprised of multiple tracks each. For example, Rhythm Guitars stem is made up of two guitar tracks, Bass stem is made up of DI and Amp track, etc.

  • What I’d love to be able to do is use “Multiple” and select the tracks I want, Add to Queue, and have that selection export as one summed audio file, but it instead exports the tracks as discrete audio files.

  • I guess I can put all the tracks into different Groups and just queue up each Group to do this, but wondered if there was another way? In some cases, this is not terribly practical because for instance I want to export a Stem that is a combo of my Lead Vocal Group (Bus) and my Backing Vox Group (Bus). I’d have to then put them both in another Group together. Track Folders don’t appear as an option for Exporting, otherwise that would be a better solution I think.

  • One additional related question: Can I simply solo a handful of different tracks and then export the entire mix, with just the solo’d tracks summed as the resulting audio file? That’s kinda the way I’ve had to do this in ProTools.

Hope this makes sense-- thanks!



No, there is no other. This is the way to go.

Yes, you can do this. But be aware, the Solo state is not stored with the Job. So if you Solo the tracks, then save the Job, then disable the Solos and export, the unsoloed version will be exported.

Thank, Martin- that was helpful! I do wish there was some way to tell the export to sum selected tracks for a given Job in the Queue, but at least I understand the expected behavior. Appreciate the help!

  • Larry

There are multiple threads, also in the Nuendo forum, asking for this functionality.

I hope Steinberg finds a way to implement this. (One way could be ising mixer snapshots)

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