C11 Pro: Transfer incomplete project between computers?


I’d like to migrate my unfinished project to another computer, both running Cubase 11 Pro on the latest W10.

Any suggestions please on best way to do that? I’ve got audio tracks with takes on multiple lanes, midi tracks, etc.

Thank you!

File>Backup Project… is what you need.

@steve , thanks very much! I’ll give it a go.

If anyone has any tips and tricks to supplement the C11 Pro user manual, please post here :slight_smile:

This worked easily, thanks @steve ! I was wondering well the new computer’s Cubase would grab all the relevant files when it opened the .cpr file, but somehow it seems to have gone and found them and loaded them just fine :slight_smile:

There is one thing however that isn’t working normally after opening the backed up project on the new computer: the wave forms are not visible unless the track is quite enlarged.

The attached pic shows what I am talking about.

In Cubase 11 Pro on my previous computer (and also I think all previous versions), the waveform was visible even when the tracks were quite small in height.

I thought this might be a preference I’d set wrong, but I couldn’t find one that would fix that.

Anyone with any ideas please?


No waveforms visible in nonselected tracks in project|690x386

This is indeed in preferences. Minimum track height to show data.

I’ll post a screen shot for you shortly when at studio.

Thank you, @Phil_Pendlebury - I got it with your pointer.

Much appreciated!

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