C11 Slight POP when pressing Ctrl S

Anybody else noticed this.

I’ve developed the habit of pressing Ctrl S after every time double tapping Spacebar for the restart, rinse, repeat, relisten (you know the dance!). This way Cubase saves often and the locked out time during the save happens during the playing process as we listen, the save will have finished before going to make the next change, super quick workflow.

I’d noticed quite a lot of static pops whilst working today and I’ve just realised it’s the save process… it’s not an issue but it’s new and the old Cubase had no problems here.

Any ideas?

Just like sx2xx and 3xx! I’ve missed that ctrl-s POP for years now. Good to hear it has made a comeback. =P

So it’s not new, he’s been here before

yes -seems to be back in v11