C11 Speed improvements

Hello There,

Are there any speed improvements on asio of buffering, vst,vsti, processor speed, etc ?
I mean did C11 improve speed / asio ?

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I noticed that the performance in C11 is better than in C10.5. Disk cache load no more clicks, less CPU load, more stable, no crashes. At least that’s how it is with me.

Ok thanks for the info.

Does anybody know the current statement in regards to VST3 plugin suspension? There were some issues in 10.5 and it was recommended to turn this feature off in the preferences in case of any random performance glitches.

For me there is now 10% less cpu consumption in C11 then 10.5 .

I agree, I always test with the same full mix project whenever there is a Cubase or W10 update and this time it was surely less CPU usage and stable running. Better than C10.5.

Hi there! As I can see, a little improvements has present. Small number of percentage usage less in C11 than C10.5. Also smooth GUI in C11. In attach you mignt see a real picture on my iMac pro i9 12 cores 64 Gb memory. Screens was made while playing back. Intermediate load project with small number of instruments and huge number of audio and plugins. Apollo 8 Thunderbolt silverface. Buffer both the same = 256kb

Improvements should be noticeable especially on the Mac platform with a vastly improved Metal framework support for GUI related tasks.

Yeah the GUI on Mac is really responsive now, loving it.


what’s the official statement about the VST3 feature to suspend when no audio stream is detected?
With 10.5 it was said to better disable this feature (which was supposed to gain better performance but worked in the other direction)

Well, I may just guess but I won’t expect an answer here and ever, right?

Are you ever getting a spinning beach ball evey few minutes or so that lasts 5 seconds ?

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No, not seeing that over here. On Big Sur and all is pretty smooth so far.

Are all your plugins working ok with big sur. Do you use any native instrument hard or software

As far as I know, there haven’t been any changes in this regard.

Yeah all working just fine, Kontakt / Massive / Reaktor etc… All working ok, I don’t use any NI hardware. Ironically Groove Agent is the one plug in that has GUI issues, it still works but some of the knobs are glitched out.

Thanks! I’m really tempted to update to big sur then, but I have lots and lots of plugins. Even though my main ones are NI I wouldn’t be surprised if some others end up not being supported. And I don’t want the day long hassle of rolling back to Catalina. But I’ve heard many good things about big sur.