C11. still crashing on export

still having crash after export please help!!!
after using the export audio on c.11 the c11 app freezes i am not able to leave the screen unless i use the task manager…
its getting annoying now
can anyone help ???

Hi Tony - it’s impossible to say what is going on with the information you have supplied.

It could be anything - a plugin - a bad audio/midi driver

probably best to add to this thread rather than open another

and yes, share a dmp file

Hi Doc !
thanks for your input :slight_smile:
it Happens when i export audio. i wonder if it is because i recorded in 32 bit float and export to 48./24.
but i dont think so
all i know i had this problem before but i cant remember what i did to solve it … its really a pain in the ass that i forgot … bit i have time tonight to get to the bottom of it
will let you know one way or the other …
thanks Doc

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Hey Doc …
what i have found thus far is … i have one compressor that i absolutely love but its old and i have to use jbridge (softube tubetech cl1b) i removed it from the chains it was in and so far so good.
i guess i will have to see if they make a 64.bit version…sad day indeed…
but this may also be an older version of jbridge i am using … i will have to look and see…
however i now know where the problem may be and there are work arrounds to this like i could render in place the track i have with the tubetech on and then disguard the plugin directly after…
or bite the bullet and either or buy the new version or do without … both are good i guess.
i have a guy in the studio with me and he said "look at it this way…if it was hardware and it went wrong the drama would be far far worse… you would have to find a way to get through this "
he has a point :slight_smile:
cheers Doc.

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Good detective work - and thanks for reporting back - helps others when they ‘google it’.

If you email the Jbridge guy (João) - he’ll send you the latest, 1.75 I think.

BUT…Tony, it’s time to move on …ditch anything 32bit and find a replacement or pay for the newer version. Plugins that crash are never worth keeping on your system - one day it will crash right in the middle of that Perfect Take.

Also there are some amazing alternative and cheap compressors out there …

PS - gonna marked this as solved if that’s ok

yeah i have only that one comp in 32 bit all my other stuff is 64… i dont know why but i just love the sound of that thing i do all my work itb otherwise i would buy the hardware version (after my loyyery wim lol )
i must find out if they updated this to 64 bits and if it sounds as good as the old one if so i will buy it again

hey Doc
yep it was indeed my old version of jbridge i have now updated to latest version and the export works like a dream now…
however i think its time to buy a newer “Cl1b” compressor shame softube is the only software version that i know of …
as soon as cocid is done and i can work again i will buy the newer version
happy new year .

good to hear and happy new year :slight_smile: