C11 will not work right because of eLicenser when I updated to C12

So as of today : So now C11 will not work right because of eLicenser when I updated to C12. Now I do not have a DAW that I can do music with… One of you has to remote connect to my computer and fix this mess that C12 has caused.
I updated to Microsoft 11 pro and i did every thing tech support asked me to do and nothing worked. It has been a week and it looks like i will give it another week, then bye bye cubase. Now i understand why others have left this program behind… There is nothing wrong with my computer… This is a cubase issue all the way… I removed C11 & 12 from my computer. This is so far from a professional company. I will never recomend cubase to no one ever.


What is the problem work the eLCC?

Why Cubase 12 doesn’t work? Any message?

Any details about your system?


If I were you I would completely reformat my computer. You have nothing to lose anyway, because nothing is working and it’s been a few days already. Why wait a few more days.

From what I understand from your situation, version 11 seemed to work before. So started afresh with version 11.

Format your C drive and reinstall Windows 11, reinstall Cubase 11 and all Third Party Plugins. Everything… You will have hours, maybe even more than a day. But in the end, you will have found your studio which worked very well before installing version 12.

Your eLicenser will recognize all your licenses and everything will be refurbished.

You have nothing to lose by trying this avenue.

Success guaranteed.

Good luck!


I am using Studio one 5 and i am having no issues… Cubase is a flop this year…lmao… I want a refund for all the money i spent in the last 3 years…lmao…


It’s impossible to help, if you don’t provide any information. Sorry.

You’ve done nothing but blame others since you started posting. Why did you upgrade a mission critical machine without testing Cubase 12 on a non-critical machine with your other software?
No responsible studio owner would do anything else.

There’s no point saying ‘but it should work’ - if course it should, but you’ve got to take responsibility for your own actions. New versions of software often don’t work well and this one was obviously very high risk because of the change to the licenser.

I would restore your machine back to how it was before you installed C12. You do have a back up, of course?

Cubase 12 update : That update is what started and caused all hell on my system… I installed studio one 5 and I have no issues at all so far… I had to remove all cubase 11,12 and all vsts and studio One 5 runs perfectly… I will start over with a fresh cubase 12 with tech support in the near future… I have 3 years of music and I have to recover… Cubase really let me down…

How are things working now with 12.0.20, @Swanjay ?

What you described happened to you in your first post is maybe the biggest reason I haven’t updated so far.

It may be time to image my C:// drive and take the plunge soon though …