C12 and Revoice Pro 5 -No ARA?

I’m not able to see Revoice Pro as an extension any more in C12 Pro after upgrading to Revoice Pro 5. I’ve read where at least one other person is in the same boat. Anyone here able to?

Thanks -

So the question is, what is the likelihood of Steinberg doing updates to Cubase 12???

I have submited a support ticket to Synchroarts becasue that excuse is just bollocks

It’s a race … will C12 or RVP5 be updated first?

Some additional info from SynchroArts (email to me) today:

*In Cubase 12, it seems ARA extensions need to be manually added to a whitelist by Steinberg; we’ve been in contact in hopes they’re willing to push out a Cubase 12 update for this.

As of now you can copy/paste audio regions between Cubase and Revoice Pro, or use the realtime VST3 version of the Link plug-in if you would like;
The plug-in works as normal track insert with the method shown here (This is for Ableton Live, but the basic operation is very similar. Ableton’s freeze/flatten will be replaced with Cubase’s Bounce function, a copy/paste action from Revoice to Cubase, or an Export from Revoice then import.) *

That is a great question!

At one time Steinberg did a final Cubase update after the next version was released. No guarantees I’m aware of that will happen for C12.

They didnt respond to my support query, and of course closed it. So I have resent it to them again…