C12- Are these annoying bugs fixed? Admin mode and import audio file

I was wonderinig if the issue when you run Cubase in Admin mode you can´t drag and drop audio
and video files into Cubase fixed?
Also, when importing audio files, Cubase switches to desktop?


This is not Cubase bug. It’s the way Windows works. A regular process and an elevated process cannot interact.

But in all honesty there is absolutely nothing to gain from running Cubase elevated.

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Thanks Phil,

However, I run Cubase in admin mode to avoid issues with Jbridge.

I don’t know what the issue(s) are with your jBridge but if it’s of any help I haven’t run neither C11 nor C12 in admin mode and I have no issues. Maybe there is a difference or two?

I got a few errors/crashes in the past with some Jbridge plug-ins. Maybe C12 has fixed these.

Fair enough. But just so you are aware. You are always going to be risking stability issues using any kind of bridging.

This is why the original native vst bridge was removed.

It’s really a good idea to get 64 bit VST3 versions of everything you can. And if not available, it’s time to start looking for an alternative.

I’m not arguing here. I’m sure you have your reasons, as many do. But unfortunately there will always be issues with that, that are beyond Steinberg’s control.

TLDR is still the same. This is not a Cubase issue. It is the way Windows works.

Thanks Phil, I know 32bit stuff is a risk, but I can´t do without some of the old plugins…

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