C12 demo version no instruments

Installed the demo version of C12 Pro on my laptop (which gas no dongle), Cubase loaded but no Halion Sonic Se, Groove Agent SE, Halion, Padshop, Retrologue, Transverse. I thought the object was to get rid of the dongle. Can I run halion without a dongle? And how about my favorite e-pianos, Neo-Soul Keys T-Guitar. somebody please help me get all of this working on my laptop.

All (but SpectralLayers One imho) Cubase related plugins and VSTi’s work without the dongle. You have to download and install them (and the content) seperately. Cubase 12 (Pro) itself does not include them. BUT, licenses and soundsets outside the Cubase standard set are not all yet available without the Dongle (I can speak for myself in regards to Guitar Harmonics, Zero Gravity Patches +1 I forgot the name atm). Their licenses are still tied to the Dongle and only Steinberg knows when they will be ported (or if).

Thanks for that, very helpful, all is good right now. Sorry for the delay, I’m experimenting on my laptop. I just want to get rid of the dongle, but I use Halion 6 Tguitar and NeoSoul on just about everything so I’ll just have to wait.

Thanks again