C12 Dlt track, Delete plug in Freeze!

Hello everyone,
Over the past year I’ve had this issue where I’ve to format the computer almost every 3 months. Actually this time it longer almost 4 months .
When I’m in play mode and delete tracks, remove a plug in or change presets on omnisphere I get a freeze.
Win 10
Babyface pro

Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible to make out what the problem is, nor why you have reformatted 4 times per year with the generic info you have provided.

Surely it is not necessary to reformat your hard drive because one program has crashed.


Does Cubase generate a DMP file, please? If yes, could you share it?

Thank you for taking the time to message and certainly there’s no need to be apologetic.
I can elaborate in order to get some advice.

I’m running Windows 10 with the latest updates. Windows security has been disabled beside the firewall.
Power option scheme is at high performance and latencyMon see’s no high resources.
Amd 5900x with 32g Ram 3600mhx cl14
750w seasonic psu. Western black and a 980 pro nvme. No wifi. C state disabled.
Rme babyface pro fs with the latest drivers and the august firmware applied.
Motherboard is x570s 90amp
Cubase pro 12.0.70
Running ilock with a few plug ins.

PS: Formatting and reinstalled is not the issue here. Being well organized can take not more than 2 hours back up and running.
The frustration here is that the previous project I was working on was much more ressource intense compared to the recent one that I’ve just started to work on a little over than a week.
The crash began yesterday.

Yes I can certainly provide a dump file

What I’m suspecting, is that I have 2 or 3 channel track running an envelope shaper followed by a gate in realtime. Not yet bounced. Maybe, and I say just maybe cubase doesn’t seem to react well.
I’ll boynce those few track see if it solves the freeze

I see Ambeo , reamp and omnisphere as failure…

What can cause the freeze all of a sudden . They have been running great all this time.
I don’t use any cleaner that might have deleted files.


Seems like 3 dll’s are corrupt.

I will try Uninstalling all 3 and reinstalling
Hopefully it works.
I think I know why this happened.
Could be from the “temp” file deletes right after finishing the last project. :thinking:


Please provide the DMP source file, not its screenshot.

Hi Martin, Thank you for your help🤗
With the dump file I was able to solve the issue.
I uninstalled and re-installed the 3 vst’s and it solved the freeze issue I had.