C12 - freezes during RIP and mixdown (at 6%)

Cubase 64bit 2023.7.11 (753.1 KB)
As the topic title suggests I have a problem with C12 freezing part way through a mixdown. It’s only occurring in the one current project (that I know of). RIP’s also cause Cubase to freeze. I then have no choice but to kill off the process in task manager. I then find I cannot relaunch Cubase as it subsequently always hangs at the start up screens. So, a full system reboot is required. I have started Cubase in ‘safe mode’ and disabled preferences and 3rd party plugins etc but this has made no difference.

Not sure how to proceed from here?

If you are on Pro you could create a new empty Project and then use *Import From Project…" to pull the Tracks from the broken Project and see if they work in the New Project. You might also pull Tracks over one by one to narrow it down to a specific Track.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just gave that a go… unfortunately that process doesn’t actually bring across all the various VSTi’s I’ve used into the new project, but regardless I ran a mixdown off all the audio components in the project anyway and sadly it still freezes at 6%. I guess this at least suggests that the problem isn’t related to any of the VSTi’s I’ve used.

UPDATE: Well, problem now seems to be solved. I went through and bounced all the audio in the project and that does appear to have resolved the issue. Phew!

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