C12 Freezing when using Vari Audio in Apple Sillicon (under Rosetta it works well)

Hello Guys,

I’m using a MacMini M2Pro with macOS Ventura and everything runs smooth here except the VariAudio that with some specific files freezes cubase.
I have no idea what is triggering the problem. I tuned several vocals without problems but it seems that some specific files are causing the freeze and also at the same spot every single time. It’s not random.
I’m sending here a link to a file that is causing the crash on my system: Dropbox - LD VOX1.wav - Simplify your life

If I tune any notes from the first part (from 0:00 up to 0:26) it doesn’t crash but if I try to tune any note from the second part of the file (after 1:02) it just freezes and I have to force quit cubase.

If I use rosetta mode it works well ( I also tested on my Intel MacBook and it worked well).

Is anyone able to reproduce this same bug ?



Isn’t it similar (or the same) as this thread, please?

Hello Martin,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it seems that it’s the same problem.
One thing that I tried to do with the part of the file that was creating the freeze was to isolate it, copy to a new track, lower -1db, Bounced the file in place and tried to pitch correct the new audio file and it didn’t freeze. The same audio content but just -1db lower.
I’ll keep an eye on the other thread though.

Thanks man!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.