C12 issues - but mostly love :-) Transformer question

Just installed 12 and love it. Especially the MIDI Remote, which now allows me to fully use my Arturia KeyLab mkII 88. Thank you, Steinberg!

But I’m a bit depressed that the installation did not bring over all my (MIDI insert) Transposer User Presets. Now I must spend days recreating them for C12. :frowning:

And BTW, I cannot make the new Transposer transform Aftertouch values into CC 21 values, as I did in C 11.5. Any ideas?
(yes, that for “vibrato” in Spitfire samples libraries)

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That seems odd. Are you sure? Your presets should be able to be moved over. I think you mean transformer presets. Mine all came over, just in a slightly different place within the menu. I will check on the aftertouch to 21 as that is very common.

Thanks. I mean opening a Transformer as a MIDI Insert in the Inspector. I could solve the current roadblock by opening Cub 11 and checking out how I arranged the Transformer back then :-). It turned out I had not done it right now when recreating the preset in Cub 12.

I also tried to move the preset .xml files, in the OS, from Cub 3 user area into Cub 12, but apparently, the code had changed in this version so that they can not be read. I’m fine with putting in that extra time because migrating to Cub 12 is worth it for me. If I should have been under commercial deadlines I would have stayed with Cub 11 though.

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TLDR: The thing is, my old projects load and the MLEs are just fine there. So you could open an old project and save the MLEs again from the settings.

Yea, I just tried it and they didn’t transfer over. Luckily, a while back I took screenshots of every single one and put that on multiple backup disks. I was worried about the format changing at some point.

Sometimes anxiety is usefull :crazy_face: :metal:

The PLEs changed, but the old ones still load. If you edit them, then put it back, and save it, it will write the new format. I wonder why the MLEs didn’t get the same treatment?

I was able to easily make spitfire vibrato transformer though. I see so many people putting that on a controller, but it makes more sense on the after touch. Why doesn’t spitfire make it that way to begin with?

Good idea. Thanks. Adding this to my to-do-list, “open old project in C12 and save presets”.