C12: Mouse scrolling inoperative in some projects

Win11, Cubase 12, Kensington trackball.
Recently I have noticed that the trackball scrolling works fine in some projects but completely inoperative in others (including mediabay, FX list scrolling, project window scrolling etc).
I’ve swapped several different pointer devices with the same results.
Is there a setting somewhere in Cubase to disable scrolling operation that may be inadvertently enabled in some projects but not others?


I’m sorry, there is not this kind of settings.

Ahhh, i had this a while back , do you have a dongle or anything like Ilok plugged into a Usb socket close to the trackball/mouse ? Could you try a different USB socket , that cured it for me

It’s looking like some kind of incompatibility glitch in a template copied across from a previous version. The empty template would not scroll, however rebuilding it by importing the tracks from the old template into an empty project now has the template scrolling OK.
Unfortunately I have several large projects based off the template which do not scroll and I really do not want to rebuild them. Would be nice to know what to change to cure the conversion upgrade incompatibility.

That’s not it. I can change the device and port to no avail. I can open one project and have it scroll OK and in the same session open another project and it does not. Looks more like a project file issue, probably from one of the upgrades.